Friday, November 16, 2007

I would ask for more !!

How would you cope if you had no way to use the Internet for a week? This was the question posed by David.

A week away from internet or my computer. A full week ?? It got me thinking.

Well, if I know in advance, I would plan a holiday to one of my favourite places. As simple as that. ;)
On the other hand, I would thank my stars were it to happen so.
In today’s busy world where even to speak to our colleague sitting in next cubicle/cabin, we take help of an e-mail or a phone; it would be a blessing in disguise.
Living in India, has its pros and cons. Electricity and water supply hitting us in an erratic way is a part of our routine life and so is ‘no internet’ for a few hours.

But for a week ?? It made me dream of what all I can do or wish to do.

I think I’d pamper myself to the core. I would do things, which I have not been able to do since ages.

First, I would FEEL the warmth of my dear & near ones. Living in India is always bliss when one talks about the family and the strong support system it has. One doesn’t have to take appointments to meet one’s parents/grandparents/siblings/friends etc.
So, I would try to give them a surprise and would hog onto oodles of a factor called ‘love’ from everyone. :)

I would write letters. Yes, you got me right.. real letters (also called snail mails)... the one thing I have missed a lot since the advent of internet age. Seriously, there is nothing like writing on pieces of paper by a real pen !! There is always a personal touch to that. The touch, feel and smell of the paper, the scribbles, the ink.. emails just can’t go to that level, no matter how sentimental they are. I have some cherished ones written by my grandparents, uncle/aunts and a few from my friends. Best part is, internet or no internet, you always have access to these treasures.

Reading is one thing I enjoy when I am on my own and away from computers. Will do (read as read) away with some of the books that are gathering dust and screaming for my attention.

Would watch hordes of movies. Have a long list to catch up.

I would also visit some people for whom I always have a soft corner and I know they would be extremely happy to see me as well.

I’d be with kids and become that little girl again… catching butterflies, jumping in the puddles, making paper boats, clapping, yelling and lots of other such things.

Not being a net junkie will help me with “No blogs, no surfing” etc. Although I will miss my blogger friends, my real close friends won’t be missed. They know how to reach me.

I think one week would be less for all these activities so I’ll ask for some more at regular intervals !!

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Abhijit said...

I just can't tolerate even a day off from Internet:-) one week????? ooffffff!

I might go out somewhere with my camera:-)

Vaidya said...

well its hard to imagine as it has become part of our life...but once in a while its good... i had faced it for few days, without mobile coverage too. Was a wonderful break as you can indulge in other activities :)

Pyare Mohan said...

I’d be with kids and become that little girl again… catching butterflies, jumping in the puddles, making paper boats, clapping, yelling and lots of other such things.
sweet... :-)

Deepak Gopi said...

I could not think of a day with out net.
@ deepak-thank you 4 attending my bday party.

AJEYA RAO said...

Same here. When you are traveling you dont think much of internet but yes idle mind needs them. :-)

I too want to watch Saawariyan, only to see the direction part.

Raghu said... would truly be a blessing in disguise. I would catch up with all my buddies and who knows we can even have a game of cricket :)

Cyberpunk said...

i also miss writing and especially receiving snail mails...

a movie marathon is also a great plan :)

Akelamalu said...

I can see it wouldn't bother you too much, you have lots of things you can do.
Thanks for dropping by my blog and taking the time to comment. :)

Iceman said...


I take such vacations... often...
I love to stay unconnected... with the rest of the world... love it...

In fact am notorious for it... The vanishing act... Lolz... no phone.. no internet... nothing... love it that way!

Sigma said...

Away for a week? I feel crippled :-)
I dont have to imagine it, I experience it every couple of months or so, when I go home.

indicaspecies said...

The first thought that came to my mind when I read David's question was 'travel.' Having read this post, I felt that you have voiced out exactly the other activities I'd pursue too in such a situation.

So can I presume I have found the one who can be write my autobiography? JK

Lovely post Cuckoo and thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh yes, it is a double-edged sword this internet business, isn't it? I would grieve long and hard if my laptop were suddenly taken away for good, but one week on, one week off? It would be a gift from God!

SiD said...

1 week without internet...Kudos to you for surviving it... I don't think i will be able to do it ever in my life again .;)
vaise it should be a different kind of fun!!

Anil P said...

So many good things away from the Internet? :)

bEAST said...

week without internet? i would die of the pain. i spend loads of time online, however it has not interfered with what i normally do. i still find time for all those little things and internet receives no preference over others.

ashes said...

Hmm...Mushkil sawal. Good answers. Well, if there is no other choice, I'll have to bear with internet's absence, and will have to do a lot of stuff I don't do the internet doesn't give me time for.

Best part is, internet or no internet, you always have access to these treasures. Do you really think you have more convenient access to those treasures than to the ones you have in your mail box or in your picasa photo albums?

Sam said...

a week off... hmmm.. sounds like a good thing... wud luv to try it though!!

david mcmahon said...

Always a pleasure to visit you, Cuckoo.

Thanks for taking part and for sharing these beautiful options with us.

If I had a week without the internet, I'd pretty much do the same things, although I'd drive out into the Outback with my camera for a day and chronicle ``24 Hours In The Bush''.

Keep smiling


Cuckoo said...

Yes, the camera option is always there. I wanted to list the things which I am NOT able to do generally.

Yes, I am talking about that wonderful break. :-)

Thank you. :-)

Oh the great, party was awesome. ;)
I could not think of a day with out net… But what happens if it becomes true ?

Merisi said...

Hm ... I guess I would take the time to search for the off button on my desktop. ;-)
(Cuckoo, I hope you do use the off button often and enjoy the things you so vividly describe! Good luck!)

Cuckoo said...

Maybe I would also end up watching this movie but not now. That initial enthusiasm is gone. :-)

Heyy game of cricket is fine but catching up with buddies ?? Don’t you do it otherwise ??

Welcome abroad !! And thank you. :-)

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

You too are welcome abroad !! And thank you. :-) I do have many offline activities.

Thanks for your visit. Keep coming.

Cuckoo said...

Good for you. But don’t get vanished pls.. it’s injurious to your parent’s health. ;)

Ha Ha… I knew it was coming. :-)

Thank you very much.
Ha Ha… rest assured for that dear. I am honoured. :-)

Ha Ha… you got me !! Spot on deary !

Cuckoo said...

Haanji, it is definitely a different world. :-)

Anil P,
Welcome after a long time. :-) How’re you doing ?

Yes, so many goodies. ;)

I knew it, I knew it. :D (*Jumping with joy*)

Oh yes, that was the pt of contention. :-)

Do you really think you have more convenient access to those treasures than to the ones you have in your mail box or in your picasa photo albums?.. Yes, of course !! About mail-box I can’t say but I have an excellent collection of photos in hard copy. The ones you see on web picasa is only around 5-8% of total photos.
Just to give you an example.. I have 2 large albums full of photos of Keukenhof Garden alone and what you see on my blog/picasa is a set of 10-15 photos. For Elephanta caves, I have 158 photos. :-)

Cuckoo said...

You have tried it Sam when you were in S’pore !

Camera option is always there David, I wanted to write about other things. ;)

Thanks for joining us here.

Ha Ha.. Merisi, don’t tell me you are addicted !!

Thank you, I do that quite often. :-)

ashes said...

Well, you got me wrong...I should have highlighted CONVENIENT access; I never meant which treasure is larger. Now whenever you travel, do you carry all those heavy (I presume large would imply heavy :) ) albums and those 158 photos? And is it actually even convenient for you to take those out and flip trough them? Did you have a week off from the internet to give you time for that?

Anyways, you can easily convert these two forms of treasures into each other these days...its only a matter of convenience even if you are the only one involved. If you talk about sharing those treasures, the newer mode is infinitely more convenient than the traditional one.

Amey said...

Depends on the reason. If it is a scheduled break, I wouldn't mind that much (although I would go mad later when faced with number of unread items in my Reader).

On the other hand, a surprise outage would definitely make me tear my hair, as all of my work today happens on the 'net.

Guruprasad said...

most of us are addicted to the internet with different levels of addiction.

i had listed out some of the benefits of the internet here -

addiction makes it sound negative in some way.... like most things in life, i guess it all depends on how we handle it.