Saturday, November 24, 2007


ना फुलझड़ी, ना पटाखे
ना रंगोली, ना दिया
ना मिठाई, ना लाल धागा पूजा का
ना ही पास उसके पिया |

रात अकेली काली, पर
यादों से सजी उसकी थाली
दिल में तस्वीर,
चेहरे पे प्यार की लाली |

जब ऐसे जले
उसके प्यार का दिया...
हर रात हो उसकी दीवाली
एक रात की बात ही क्या ?

Attempted Translation

Neither fireworks nor candles
neither sweets, nor sacred thread of puja
and neither her beloved near her.

It’s a lonely dark night but
memories of beloved & his love
brighten the glow on her face.

What to speak of a night ?
When flame of their love
lights up like this,
every night is a celebration.

Note-Reply to comments on my posts later.. I know apologies are coming way too often these days. But it is better than vanishing. Isn’t it ? And I am listening to a very beautiful song.

Current song- Phir Wahi Raat Hai, Raat Hai Khwaab ki – Kishore
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ashes said...

Nice composition! The title on my reader widget made me feel it would start with an apology on a belate Diwali. But the rhyme was so unexpected it felt too good to read.

And the photograph is superb! Even though I do not see a 'copyright Cuckoo', did you click it yourself?

ashes said...

Errata: ...apology on a belated* Diwali...

Amey said...


Can I read between the lines (and posts)?

Abhijit said...

Superb!! I liked the rhythm in your Hindi lines.

हर रात हो उसकी दीवाली
एक रात की बात ही क्या ?..
this is so lovely!!

SiD said...

wah bhai wah.. aapne to diwali ke tyohar ko 1 naya rang de diya hai..
aur kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai ki kavita ke madhyam se aapka rumaani(romantic) wala svabhav ubhar ke bahar aa raha hai...

Priyank said...

I'm pretty sure you wrote this for some *other* intention. And now slipping it away silently under the title of Diwali, sneaky ;)
Very beautiful, as always, the Hindi part was pretty intense.

Ranjeet said...

Very nice Cuckkoo, loved the poem and you have put the feeligns beautifully in words!

Sam said...

nice poem.. adn frankly a great song... i luv dat one...

bendtherulz said...

Loved your attempted translation better then original hindi one... :-)
May be you can post both of your works.....!

tk care ~

Peter said...

I agree with bendtherulz, the English version is better than (or at least as good as) the original version! Haikus or poems in general, I'm unable to produce, but admire those who can!

Leziblogger said...

Aha!Beautiful lines!

'Nahin saamne yeh alag baat hai...' eh?

Pijush said...

Wah.. Cuckoo Wah.. Nice one.
Small observation: Love always acts as catalyst in your poems.

AJEYA RAO said...

:) Nice poem.

Sameera said...

Kya kehna!Bahut khubsurat kavitha hai :)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you very much. Tahe dil se shukriya. :-)

Thank you for the picture as well. Yes, that was clicked by me but not this Diwali. It was last year when we celebrated our Diwali in Igatpuri.

For lack of time, I am not stamping all my pictures with ‘copyright’ thing but yes, on my travel blog I have put a note claiming copyright. On this blog, it is a mix & match… if I find a picture from my collection.. good, else I take help from Google uncle. ;)

Can I read between the lines.. Ha Ha.. you won’t change. If I say ‘no’, will you stop doing it ? I don't think so. :-)

Thank you but itni bhi achhi nahi hai poem. :-)

Haan, I was traveling and couldn’t celebrate it. So, instead of whining, thought of writing some lines in a positive sense. Nothing else.

Ohh ab aap achhi tarah jaan gaye hain mera rumaani svabhav. :-)

Aage-2 dekhiye hota hai kya.

Cuckoo said...

And can you please tell me what is my ‘other’ intention ? Ha Ha.. you too trying to read between the lines ??

Thank you very much.

More than the poem, I liked the song. ;)

For a change looks like English is better than Hindi, eh ? No, I don’t think so. Hindi version has the intensity.

And btw, I’ve posted both na !!

Cuckoo said...

Thanks Peter, English version is better ? How can you say that without reading Hindi one ? Loll

:-) Yes, even I was like you till some months back. Poems were a strict no no.

Thank you. :-)

Ha Ha.. Lagta to aise hee hai.

Thank you very much. Yes, you are right. :-)

Thank you.

Thank you.

ashes said...

Oh...that was too nice a photograph! Please don't mind, but I really did not believe you clicked it yourself...what camera do you have?

Anonymous said...

Wah, Wah Cuckoo-ji, bahut badiy hai...the hindi & the english translation, I think both are equally good...You have crafted the words beautifully & the poem is so full of passion...Excellent!

Craver Vii said...

This photograph was a real treat! I feel like I could almost smell the petals.

Priyank said...

Hey, admit it - the poetry is ek teer 2 nishaan types. And that's what makes it more beautiful.

Ash said...

Beautiful. Love both the versions!!

Amey said...

When I read some of your last posts, a trend seems to emerge. And I wonder...

Should I go ahead?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cuckoo,
Aftr a long time. sorry got busy with work..
But something same i too put on my earlier post...
Do check that, words are different but menaing are same..
Take care

backpakker said...

I like the last line a lot..

ŋεεяѕ said...

Beautiful and it ends on a happy note!

P.s: hey i love this song too..could u plz email it to me? i've been searching for it since a long time. My id is

Praveen G K said...

Hey Cuckoo,

Your page didnt load for a long time on my comp. Don't know what the reason is!!! Had read your poem long time back on google reader but could never post a comment since the page loaded with only one post without the comments option :-(

anyways, nice little poem!!! Equally good in English too :-)

oceanic mirages said...

nice, very pretty poem...
how u doin?

adi said...

hmmm, toh aisi thi, hamari cuckoo ki diwali :)

Niraj said...

nice work cuckoo..[:)]...