Friday, November 17, 2006

Tears of Joy-II

Don’t be so happy. It is not a sequel to Tears of Joy but only a post script.

First, I must thank all of you for your valuable opinions on the post. Many commenters praised my writing skills, it looked very real to them as if it was my own story. I am delighted about that. That day, as my thoughts and emotions flowed, I wrote the post without changing anything, not even the sequence and to tell you a little secret.. I was crying at the time of writing it. So, full of emotions I was and so close it is to my heart.

Some of the commenters have started liking the girl “Tum” and want her to be their friend while two of you are even ready to hit the guy “Hum” if he misbehaves with “Tum”. Lollll I am glad that I could make you guys so attached to the whole affair.

By now you would have guessed that I have decided to call the two characters as ‘Hum’ & ‘Tum’ .. inspired by Pyare Mohan ji.

According to some people...(well, most of them) who have commented on the post, it is NOT at all friendship, it is a clear case of love between the two while very few were of the opinion that it is nothing but a clean friendship.

Some thought it could be a friendship but an amount of love between them is definitely there which is going to blossom over the period of time. Request you to go through ALL the comments if time permits.

One commenter suggested that they should meet to keep the friendship alive or to survive while another suggested to Hum & Tum, the idea of discussing about the pros & cons of this relationship before it becomes another love story.

Now, since the existence of such friendship is agreed upon, the question “Can it survive for long as it stands today or is it just a matter of a few months when we all can call it “all over” ?” needs your attention.

Maverick and Kamal have already put in their views on this aspect.

Remember the girl has some doubts, some unanswered questions troubling her?? She wants to know whether she is also Hum’s best friend or not. She wants to know whether both of them are going to remain like the way they are at present or will come even more closer or drift apart. Are they going to change with time.. time just flying away ?

Do you think she is right to have those fears? What if all is true? Is she going to behave in the same manner as before? She must have had reasons to think in that direction. Who is going to answer her questions?

Opinions awaited eagerly..

Current song- Katra Katra Milti Hai, Katra Katra Jeene Do – Asha Bhosale


Bendtherulz said...

BIZI BEE... Goodmorning !

I am sure with open communication between both will ensure that this friendship will survive....!!

Actually Hum's character is still not very clear.. he comes across a person who right now is carefree...likes TUM a LOT ( since he has deigned to share his innermost feelings about his love to her.
If he stays like this and let not his love make any judgement call or curtail his frndship...I am sure everything will be alright!
Rahi bat TUM ki she needs to keep her fears aside....I think since she has such clear heart and if she is so happy for her friend HUM that she has tears in her eyes and she is very happy to know that HUM is in love....I am sure she will overcome her fears and doubts....!
I think TUM should clear her doubts...
Never let a single doubt come in any friendship or for that matter any relationship...thats the start of the downfall....!Clear it out - thrash it out...or spit out...never let it linger....!

Pyare Mohan said...

HUM TUM in the making? Contact Yash Raj Films!!!

Probably a friendship like this can survive, if both of them are involved with someone else (not the same person, but different people)... I think given that criteria it might work. then the basis of friendship is for friendship's sake alone...

Also it would be interesting to play on the whole 'not meeting' part

I had done this play once, in college. A boy and a girl were pen friends (1995, days of mails and trunk calls, everyting else was costly) They fall in love with each other through their writing... the guy imagines to be a beautiful girl and gets into fantasies of his own while the girl imagines this guy to be handsome and has fantasies on her part. One day they decide to meet. The girl and boy, both will hold a red rose and that is how they identify each other. The guy comes in and sees the girl with a red rose in the distance. She is in crutches. He is shocked and disappointed and walks away. After a long time, the girl notices a red rose trampled by the passers by. She throws away her crutches and walks away...

Mayank said...

I think the guy HUM should clarify all her doubts, assuring her of his friendship. As he is her best friend, TUM doesnt want to lose him whereas she might be just one of his close friends. And this is the cause of concern for her. What will happen tommorow when he is a successful man and busy in his own world? will he be able to devote time to his this friend? If not.. then is it not that he is just utilizing her at present...exploiting her innocence and clear heart.

Only HUM can assure her... and he should at his earliest do this... whether she opens her mouth or not...most probably she will not and she will keep suffering from inside.

SiD said...

hamare vichar se dono jald hi shaadi ke pavitra bandhan mein bandhen wale hain...

the story...the emotions.. the cloesness.. the level of comfort.. and most importantly the friend ship they have... what more you need in a life partner.. i think their marriage will be rocking..

'hum' should not lose time like saif in the movie... sooner or later he is going to realise that this IS love... infact both are going to realise this...

Cuckoo said...

Her fears and doubts are genuine in the sense that she does not want to lose this friendship for any reasons & wants it forever... at the same time she doesn't know if HUM has the same feelings. As he has some more close friends other than TUM, maybe today he wants TUM's company but kal kisne dekha hai?
Yes, I agree with you... TUM should come forward and clear her doubts.

Pyare Mohan,
Thanks for HUM-TUM :D.. I agree with you completely. Oh, so you don’t want them to meet in real life?? That’s interesting. I’ll convey the message to them ;)

Some people had suggested just the opposite in the previous post. But you have a point here.
Btw, very interesting story you’ve quoted. I think I have seen/read it somewhere. Was there any serial / programme on the same storyline on television?

Yes, you are right. HUM is TUM’s best friend but not vice versa.. She is “one of his” best friends. And that “one of his” tag is killing her. She knows she can’t do anything about it and so has fears.
As Bendtherulz also suggested, you are very much right that now it’s HUM’s turn to assure her of his friendship.

Oh oh SiD ji,, Kya hum aapki bhavishyawani par yakeen karein?

You are right... they have excellent chemistry between them, but probably they are not made for each other as a couple. The guy HUM has already told TUM that he is in love with another girl. Also, Abhi raised the question in previous post about her marital status. So, we don't know. ;)
LOLLL in the last post, Mayank was of the opinion that HUM is checking on TUM’s feeling for him by telling her about a non-existing girl !!

But, according to you HUM should propose TUM immediately. Right?? Interesting .. :)) Will convey the message ;)

Sigma said...

Lol! Interesting to read so many different possibilities and so many different ideas.
I would like them to remain the best of friends, irrespective of whether they meet or not in real life. But I am sure this is going to develop into something more sinister ... love ;-)

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. Jitne muh utni baatein.. acha hai, but at present my blog is rockinggg ;)

Hey, you snatched words from my mouth !! Even I would like them to have The most beautiful friendship one can ever think of.
Love??? Of course they love each other even now but their love is of different kind. ;)) I guess no one can ever understand this kind of love between them. At most, I would prefer to call it platonic love.

So You Wanna Be An MBA said...

It's pretty obvious to have fears and doubts - when couples who've confessed love to each other have all those fears then why not this poor girl.
I don't however subscribe to the tears of joy part - I think she's actually shedding some 'neutral' or slightly to the 'sad' side tears. Probably even a tad jealous that someone else is liked more than herself.
It's not wise to comment on comments, but still I will :) - > the moment you care even a shred about anyone, the relationship cannot be platonic by definition.
I like your story and will be interested to see where it's headed or are you doing some kind of a collaborative story writing in which you adapt the story to the views of your audience? Is it something like one of those over the web collaborative software development projects - or am I just being way too geeky here ;) ?

Cuckoo said...

So you wanna be an mba,
Oh such a long name !! I'll call you MBA :P
First, I welcome you to my blog. I can see you have blogrolled me on your first visit itself.. Thanks for liking it so much. :D

Your views are entirely different from other commenters but certainly have a point to think about! But I (and some readers who have put comments on prev post) don't agree with the moment you care even a shred about anyone, the relationship cannot be platonic by definition.

Well, I had written it as just a post but after seeing ppl's response and their curiousity, I am forced to think again. No, the story will be entirely mine... I won't adapt to the views of readers but it is bound to match a few readers' views as they have contributed a variety here.

So You Wanna Be An MBA said...

Thanks for having me here.
Well, obviously we cannot solve the question about platonic relationships through this microcosm of the blog world, so I'll leave it at that. However, let me point you to the irony of Platonic relationships - Mr. Plato could afford one because he was actually more interested in young boys than in nubile females :P. I cannot say much about women, but I'm pretty darn sure that men are terribly incapable of Platonic relationships, unless of course they share tastes similar to Mr. Plato. But we do digress, so yes waiting for the next installment of your story.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome again.
Oh this story is written from TUM's (a female) pt of view.. so can't really comment on men's side. You can see TUM's fears, doubts, love, thoughts, imaginations etc. She's still in doubt about HUM's commitment towards this friendship though being clear hearted soul, her reasons might be different from actual reasons.

Oh, so you also want this story to be continued?? I really have to think about it now. :))

Cuckoo said...

Request you to go through ALL the comments (of course if you have time!) given by readers for these two posts and my reply to them. Then you'll have a better picture of how story is shaping up. Thanks. Happy weekend!

Hazel Dream said...

I always wonder if this world is all about insecurity of X chromosome ???
after reading this I think it is .. for a females this insecurity is inherent to her existence .. after all she sees her importance in their relationship with others and men see their importance in others relationship in them . quite complicated one . but the way u have described the story , it seems to be two chickens in love .. go ahead let them confess to reality

Cuckoo said...

Hazel Dream,
Well, there can be number of reasons for a female to be insecure.. physically weak, social stigma, lack of trust on men's part, not so outgoing nature, lack of emotional security, and so on ... and of course everyone would like to feel important in any relationship, be it a male or a female.

And their being in love?? I have been repeating this .. they very much love each other but NOT as a couple. That's what I could feel till now. Aage kya hota hai, kya maloom?

Maverick said...

oooo dear cuckoo, u r so emotional! so tht was a story ha?! it sounded so real.

tum seems honest n so does hum, may their friendship flourish, but again i back up, they need to be REAL friends.

Hazel Dream said...

hmm lady is there a love between opposite gender (without any relation)?? Never There is no friendship between two attractive opposte genders
its just that they dont have guts to see inside themselves .

End is confusing and vague because it is written by a girl , men would have taken to it to a conclusive hope or sadness.

Pyare Mohan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pyare Mohan said...

'Love' is one of the most intriguing relationship in this world. Imagine, there are millions around in the world who are in 'love'... yet their relationship is unique and different from everybody else.
This one emotion that has so many emotions involved, i guess all the navarasas are squeezed together to create this one emotion!

Keshi said...

why is everyone in love but not me :)

And where do ppl find such great friends from?


mridula said...

I would consider the feelings of the girl whom this guy loves. What if that girl is not able to take this friendship, which is quite likely!

Cuckoo said...

Oh yes, that was my emotional side. ;)
And, yes, yes I remember your words very much. Will convey to them. ;) Thanks again for your visit.

Hazel Dream,
Oh, how much your views are different from mine and some others’.

Is there a love between opposite gender (without any relation)?? Never. There is no friendship between two .. Think again, gentleman. For lack of time I don’t want to go in long discussions here.
End is confusing and vague because it is written by a girl,.. Maybe this girl is much more smarter than men… she has left a scope for further episodes instead of finishing it to a ‘conclusive hope or sadness’. :))

Cuckoo said...

Pyare Mohan,
Exactly ! You hit the bull’s eye !! You’ve snatched words from me. :)) 'Love' can not be defined within boundaries.

why is everyone in love but not me.. Are you sad about it? ;)
where do ppl find such great friends from? The great friends are very much part of this bad bad world. :))

Yes, it is quite likely. Even TUM thinks about it and that is one of the many reasons for her to be insecure… she knows somewhere their friendship is going to suffer. It will not be as before.

Mridula said...

Cuckoo, even if it will not be as before it does not mean it is not important. Relationships do change, rather they should change.

Ketan said...

ha ha!
Thanks for the wakeup call!! ^_^

Orkutting nowadays ...

Have a lot of food for my blogs but too lazy to write as usual. Will go thru ur babies and comment upon them.

Prashant said...

Hey cuckoo.nice to hear from you...
today i rd your HUM TUM that friendship post...and i believe in that kinda friendship....

and regarding my Poems...Yes, now i love to write Poems but sometimes due to poor vocabulary
:-(...have to fight hard......

but i will continue anyway...and i hope with time will be able to write some good ones...


take care........

Prashant said...

And yes, it seems we have got a lot in common!!!!!!!!!!!

adi said...

now that i've read both ur posts, i m confused, am i suppossed to answer these? and then i say perhpas only i can say a thing here :)

whatever u've mentioned between hum n tum, has already happenned between two people on delhidreams, i wud only request them not to hurry things up! the journey is as much enjoyable as the first destination. of course, after that they'll be going hand in hand.

even if it doesnt happens, they will remain the best of friends ever. and why shud she think more of, than the moment, or the next day, or the hope to meet him some day. its the uncertainty of future that makes it beautiful. hai na?

i wish her all the love possible in this world. and then some more. time changes everything, right, but one moment spent in the company of a loved one is enough for an eternity :)

and the song of the moment for you is from the old mithun starrer, ghulami, penned by gulzar...

"woh aake pehlu mein aise baithe ke shaam rangeen ho gayi hai, ke shaam rangeen ho gayi zara si khili tabiyat, zara si gumgeen ho gayi hai..."

love :)

Hazel Dream said...

Is there a love between opposite gender (without any relation)?? Never. There is no friendship between two .. Think again, gentleman. For lack of time I don’t want to go in long discussions here.

Hmmm discussions doesnt change the truth .. yes if one of them is Ugly or A LOOSER THEN IT WLL BE A COMPRIMISE NOT FRIENDSHIP

End is confusing and vague because it is written by a girl,.. Maybe this girl is much more smarter than men… she has left a scope for further episodes instead of finishing it to a ‘conclusive hope or sadness’. :))

hmm Wish u can have a glimpse in masculine perception..they are too ambitious and restless to leave scope .. have you heard of "get Rich or die Trying "

so sweet Lady , this wonderful . impractical romantic univese need , rough and honest crudeness

Cuckoo said...

Thanks for coming again ! It really cheered me up. :) Yes, you are very much right, relationships change with time and this character also knows that. It is just that at present she is not able to assimilate things in those terms. Human relations, after all.

Oh Nice to see you again after a long time !!

Will go thru ur babies and comment upon them. Sure, my posts are waiting for your comments. Thanks for dropping by.

Oh, it’s been long since you commented on some of my posts, so I thought of visiting your blog. :) Thanks for telling me that I write well. :))))
Keep coming.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome again. Good to have your comments here.

whatever u've mentioned between hum n tum, has already happenned between two people on delhidreams..Oh, glad to know that !! Give them my link to relive & enjoy their experiences. ;) I would like to know more about them. Now just a post from you will do wonders.

Its the uncertainty of future that makes it beautiful. hai na? Very true but worrying is a part of human nature. Hai na?? :))

but one moment spent in the company of a loved one is enough for an eternity :) Yes, ditto. Very true. One can live the entire life on those beautiful moments. Hmm looks like you are also romantic. ;)

Thanks for sharing this beautiful song. Like it very much. And it has put a smile on my face. :)
Thanks for visiting. Make it more frequent.

Cuckoo said...

Hazel Dream,
yes if one of them is Ugly or A LOOSER THEN IT WLL BE A COMPRIMISE NOT FRIENDSHIP.. I really don’t understand what you want to convey. Initially you said it can not be a friendship, has to be love between them. Now, it is between compromise and friendship !! Strange...
I am SORRY to say that your definition of love seems to be only skin deep.

Wish u can have a glimpse in masculine perception..they are too ambitious and restless to leave scope . That’s why I said female is much more matured and smarter than such a male.

impractical romantic universe need, rough and honest crudeness.. Well, in my views, this rough and honest crudeness NEEDS love and care.

jac said...

Keep them locked up in your room and you better throw out the key and sleep on the doorstep.

Ketan said...

i am sick and tired of the term 'friendship', its so much misused and abused that i just think a new term shud be discovered for what originally was this one. and love. one more abused word, especially when it comes to young boys and girls. And a question: Why bother at all whether its friendship or love. And another question could life be made simpler? ^_^

Ketan said...

heyyyyy I just saw this on your profile ....
"A balanced Libran" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Who told you?

Keshi said...

Im not sad abt it but I cant say Im totally happy abt either :)

My friends r good but I always feel that this kind of friends only exist in movies...the perfect kind u know. Even Im a bad friend sometimes.


Mridula said...

Cuckoo, I am here once again. Just to say, I for sure would hit the roof if my husband played 'Rimjhim Gire Sawan' to any woman! I like the song a lot :)

I agree with Ketan, could life be made simpler?

Pyare Mohan said...

i guess life can be simpler... if we drop our 'expectations' from others... very difficult thing to do... (sigh)

Cuckoo said...

Welcome to my blog (blogs). Thanks for your comments at both the places.
Keep them locked up in your room and you better throw out the key and sleep on the doorstep.. {Sigh} Wish life was so simple.
Thanks for visiting, keep doing that. :))

Why bother at all whether its friendship or love. So, true. We are never satisfied with what we have. Sigh… Wish life was that simple.

"A balanced Libran" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.. You are the first person to note it. :) Well, nobody told me, it’s my patented dialogue. :D - Shakes hands with another Libran.

Oh, in last post you said you do believe in such friendships, now what happened? Changed your mind?

I always feel that this kind of friends only exist in movies...the perfect kind.. Well, these two are going to make it real. Wish them luck. :)

Cuckoo said...

Welcome one more time !! Looks like you are very much disturbed by this story. Have you gone thru all the comments of prev post? People have so different opinions about these two characters.
Well, if time comes, even I would do the same what you said, perhaps more. I also know you like that song very much just like me :)) One of my favourite songs.

Well, it is story of two friends.. a male and a female and they both have human traits, complications are bound to come unless these two are very clear what they think of each other. And I think the characters are very clear about their wonderful relationship. Why only the girl in “his” life..there could be a guy in “her” life as well, as someone suggested. And though it appears, it is NOT about extramarital affairs.

I had written it as just an episode, a scene.. now I think I should think of completing it.

Pyare Mohan,
Yes, very difficult thing to do.. we humans can’t stop expecting and expectations always lead to frustrations.

Hazel Dream said...

sorry dear , but if someone is so close to and important why shall we let him or her go or share with anyone else . if you let that happen then its a compromise ..

Love and Care -- HUH thats being personal

Anonymous said...

I have a friend like this and we do share our sorrows and happiness.At first I thought it is my story.But he is my good friend and one and only friend in my world.Always with me. Our friendship is of 7 yrs old and we are best friends. Pls don't doubt that tum is in love with Hum. Friends are gift of God for us.Don't mix friendship with other feelings