Monday, September 18, 2006


Finished reading ‘Coma’ by Robin Cook. A classic medical thriller. Always wanted to read this book since the day I saw the movie based on this novel. Those who are familiar with medical background or hospital scenes will definitely enjoy this piece of reading.

It’s about a girl; a third year medical student, who suddenly comes across two comatose cases and against all odds, tries to find out the real cause. Why some young people who come to the famous hospital for minor surgeries go into coma with no known cause and such cases are on the rise. The whole anecdote finishes in just four days. Sounds interesting? Read the book. :)

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Mayank said...

Though I am not much into reading, you made it interesting. Will try to read it.

fleiger said...

You like medical thrillers? I recently finished "Fever". Also a very good one. And "Toxin" too...

And if you like hitech medical thrillers, read "Terminal Man" by Michel Crichton.

Any more books you read?

Sunita said...

This is my first visit here. First, I must say I liked the colour combination of your blog very much. A very girly colour.
Also, "A Balanced Libran" made me smile. Also, the quote in your footer.

I can see you are a new blogger, but you have carried it quite well. Around 800 visitors in just two months.

Wish you all the success in future.

Cuckoo said...

Thanks if you think so.

Noted. :) Thanks. Well, I read as & when I get time though I would love to do it more often. I like a select few genres & a thriller is one of them. See my profile for details. The books mentioned there are my first 4 favourites. Not all that I read. ;)
I have bought & kept horde of books to read. Details later. Right now I have two half-read books-The Inscrutable Americans & Shantaram(I am on page-121 since last 3 months!). Phew ! Being a fat book is its disadvantage.

Thanks for stopping by and for all your encouraging words. The no. of visitors? Even I am surprised. But it doesn't matter in the begining. It would be interesting though to know how many have become regular visitor after a year or so.

SiD said...

My mom had read COma.. and told that it was fundooo... i had her old battered novel but due to its yellow, breathed out, foul smelling pages, I cudnt read it..well i can add it to my list.. but before that i am tempted to read Train to Pakistan by kushwant singh!!!

Cuckoo said...

That is in my list too!! Wings of Fire, The Day of The Jackal, Crime and Punishment, The Agony and the Ecstasy, Toxin, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, A Brief History of Time, The World is Flat, Life of Pi, Beautiful Mind are a VERY FEW of the books that I have bought & kept ready for reading. :))

Reagrding Coma: As I said, it has too much of medical jargon so many ppl won't like it. At times too descriptive also.

fleiger said...

Wow, your "to read" list is pretty long... Can I add to the list?

As you liked "Da Vinci Code", there's a whole lot if books in that genre. Some I have written about, there are some more like "Club Dumas", "Labyrinth", "Geopgrapher's Library" etc. Will put up the list up soon... I need 30 hours days to complete my "to read" list before my time runs out.

bharath mukkati said...

read this book long time back. its gripping i agree...

Anonymous said...

You shifted be beta? Or are we able to comment with beta account on non-beta?

Look, my picture is back... :D

Cuckoo said...

Thanks again. I'll make it a point to read these books before I write my epitaph.
No, I have not shifted to Beta. Waiting for them to physically put me there. Too lazy to do it myself. ;) And yeah, glad to see ur pic again. Hmm.. you have put on some weight. :P

I guess it was your first visit here. Hope it's not the last one. :) Thanks for dropping by, keep doing that.

SiD said...

@cuckoo.. u have a good list.. day of the jackal - too good yaar.. i loved it..
brief history of time - Over head transmision...

monk ho sold his ferrari. not great reviews from friends...

all the best for ur reading ;)

Anonymous said...

Your epitaph? Not so soon I hope... I have many more tags pending ;)

And I am still carrying some holiday weight.

Cuckoo said...

My next in line is Day of the Jackal. God Bless Shantaram.. Don't know when I gonna start that again. Phew!

OK, No problems. Go ahead. :)

Dipti said...

I don't like Robin cook. Too much of medical things which I can't understand. Your list is good. tell us about shantaram when you finish it.

Cuckoo said...

Thanks for your views. Everybody has his/her own set of tastes.
As my main page says you are free not to agree with me. But do keep coming here for your valuable comments. :)

Sigma said...

Hi, Thanks for visitng my blog.
You have a great blog here. As I saw some of your posts, I was inclined to comment on this particular post because I am into a lot of reading.
I read Coma, and I found it quite interesting. This was the first Robin cook book I read. Later on I read other thrillers by him: Fever, Mortal Fear, Toxin. Sadly, I found them to be exactly the same. They all seemed to have the same basic plot with just a different set of characters.
Day of the Jackal is amazing. As are some of the other books by Forsyth. But if you like thrillers, but are not yet familiar with Alistair Maclean and Desomnd Bagley, I'll recommend them highly. Maclean is my favorite amongst all the thriller writers I have read. If you havent read 'The Guns of Navarone', go for it (they made a very famous movie on this book, btw).
You left a note on my travel blog; I have another one, on which I post my comments on books I read since I started blogging :-)

Cuckoo said...

First, welcome to my blog and your comments. Thanks for updates. You are right about Robin Cook, his other books are not so interesting. Yeah, I like thrillers very much. Guns of Navarone is in my list of "to read". Yes, aware of the movie as well.

Will visit your other blog in one of these days.
Keep visiting. :))

Cuckoo said...

ooops that was thanks for your comments.