Monday, June 25, 2007

Finally Back

So, I am back.. finally. Trying to settle down to my regular chaotic routine. Where was I ? Oh don’t ask me that. It’s my habit. Cuckoos do fly away sometimes. This Cuckoo is no exception, except that she records her experiences on her other blog.
I was also on a hurricane trip to Delhi. Oh Delhi, my Delhi. It was extremely hot out there with temperature soaring to 48+ degrees Celsius and poor petite Cuckoo felt like a tandoori chicken in an oven.

At a construction site I could see small children trying to kill the afternoon heat with a hosepipe. And I (the delicate birdie that I am) wanted to do the same.

Then fortunately, common sense (Well, not so common in me) prevailed…
Cuckoo !! Behave !! You are all grown up now, can’t shed your clothes like those little ones.

I know I know, I am a stupid silly girl and sometimes (well, many times) my pea sized logical brains are at their best trying very hard to reason it out.

No ? Don’t you remember my logical logics ? See here and here if I am lying.

Anyway, the point is that I am enduringly in love with that city, my first love, since the day I was born.. excellent roads, wonderful flyovers, vast space, big parks and what not ? Now, don’t ask about my other love affairs, I’ve had many. ;)

Sitting in the cab, once again I was awestruck looking at those magnificent flyovers. Oh I felt like flying over them ! One after another.. Dhaula Kuan, AIIMS, Moolchand. Since was already late, couldn’t even ask the cabbie to stop to click some pictures. Yet to experience the Metro train and those recently come up malls. :(

Anyways, there is always a next time & then I will fully enjoy and capture the heated oven.

Current song- Fiza, Udti Firti Hai Tu Panchiyon Ki Tarah – Sonu & Alka

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desh said...

dilli, i just love tht city
tandoor n dilli are synonymous, just taste the kulcha and paranthas and u will knw it

excellent roads, wonderful flyovers, vast space, big parks and what not ?

all missing in bangalore :(

even if its hot and the weather in Bangalore is awesome, dilli simply is the better of th lot

Shake Al Ansaari said...

looks like someone's had a blast in delhi

but just a minute...

you don't believe me ?
no can ask the local girls out thr...they'll narrate their stories to you.........

And traffic is a big problem in delhi.....

so the silly girl shud work the logic again....... [:P]

Peter said...

So the cuckoo is back in the nest for a while! Travelling is nice, but to be back is not bad either!

I checked your other blog. Lugano is beautiful! Stayed there last year for a while on a the way back from the Italian lakes! Not bad either! Not quite as hot as Dehli (but I like hot weather also, if there is a shower available somewhere).

rk said...

good to know u had a great hol.
and ROFL after reading that Britney-Mangeshkar logic! too good.
u r a genius!

Sam said...

O yaar!! delhi has loadsa memories for me.... and dats kinda the only city which I haven't yet captured in my mind... Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune... i've lived here... loved them and know them... but delhi has eluded me... seek to set that right soon enuf now!!

SiD said...

very true about delhi.. recently whilw coming to mumbai, my friend and I were also amazed by the number of flyovers. In fact we had christened the city as city of flyovers... the one coming up near international airport, on way to ggaon looks simply awesome..the lugaano pics are awesome..
and if you can remember the movie name, then i can help you get the song ;)

Cuckoo said...

I agree with you completely. In spite of it having many negative points as they say, I love it. There is something that keeps inviting me back !

Blast ???? I told you I was baked there like a tandoori chicken !! Ouch !

Girls are not safe .. Oh I know it all. But then where are we safe ? Less or more.. no place is safe for us.

traffic is a big problem in delhi..... Nowww, are you trying to dissuade me ? Don’t even try that ! :P

BTW, if you say about traffic in delhi then you haven’t seen other cities. Delhi at least has better roads.

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. yes both ways it is fun.

Yeah, Lugano was fun to visit.

Oh so you like hot weather ? Have you ever been to that hot as Delhi ? And don’t worry about showers.. you’ll get them everywhere… if not anywhere else then at least like in the picture here. ;) And I am sure you gonna enjoy every bit of it. It is for us ladies who can not do it on the road. :((

Welcome again. It was not a holiday. :((

Thank you, thank you. Genius ? Ah no. Me a simply logical one. :P

Keep coming.

Cuckoo said...

Go there and find out yourself. It stands apart from other cities.

Now you have an excellent reason as well to visit. ;) Go during Dussera/Diwali.

So very true !! It indeed is a city of flyovers.

Hmm.. Never been to Gurgaon side, so not seen the one you are talking about. I take all my international flights from Mumbai, you see. :P
But yes, the Dwarka one (near domestic airport) was the first one I crossed this time & every time. ;)

About Lugano… Why didn’t you leave a comment over there then ?

No, I don’t remember the movie name :( but I think the male singer was Shailendra Singh (Bobby fame). Was there any movie by the name of 'Guru' earlier ?

SiD said...

movie name is Gurudev..

you can see the video here:

Enjoy!! :)

Cuckoo said...

That was quite fast !! I'll check it up. Thanks.

Aditi said...

ooh i have never been to delhi

Cuckoo said...

Go when you can.

The people who say their own city is the best in India, must go to Delhi once to have second opinion. ;)

Merisi said...

You make me want to go to Delhi!
Lovely those lucky little kids who found relief from the heat by playing with the water! Kids in Washington and New York do the same with water hydrants.

Keshi said...


I love that pic...priceless! thats pure innocence and real fun.


Iceman said...

Logical damsel ha...
Dilli is nice! Love The Metro...

Reminds me of the Rabbi song... from Delhi Heights...

Mango Tree, Pumpkin Tree!
U could have taught ur teacher... :P

So what r u anyway? A lady or a girl? And... plijj... no Britney, no Lata types of answer!

Bendtherulz said...

Super cute pic u were in delhi....!! You can either hate or love - however you can't ignore Delhi...!

Peter said...

Yes, I have been in really hot weather now and then, I believe "my record" may also be around 48... - but never to India. Just HAVE to do it one day!

Pijush said...

You rock, simply excellent post with nice flow of humor, just loved it. I totally agree that Delhi has much better infrastructure than any city in India.

Ajith said...

Heard Delhi has changed a lot now..clean roads, better atmosphere, flyovers etc ..Will visit one day :)

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh, aside from the heat, it sounds as though you had an idyllic time.. hope you have come home refreshed and rested - it's good to have you back!

Ash said...

Welcome back Cuckoo! You were missed.

That hosepipe thing looks like fun:-)

deepti said...

i love delhi too n m almost a delhite, staying on the delhi u.p border. =)
Hws everything going?

Cuckoo said...

After a long time !! Kids are always like that wherever they are. Come !! Be our guest.

Yes it is. :)

Cuckoo said...

Oh, so you too have been to Delhi ?

Ha Ha… my logics have always amused me as well !

I agree. No Indian can ignore it.

Cuckoo said...

Oh Come to India !! Be our guest. When are you planning it ? It should not happen that you come here & I go there. ;)

Oh thank you. That’s my witty sense. ;) Have you read my other posts on humour ? Try them one day.

Cuckoo said...

Hmmm Do make a visit there. Where are you from btw ?

Thank you sweet lady. No, no I was not on a holiday. It was a hurricane trip, that too on a hot hot day. :(

Cuckoo said...

Thank you bonny lass !! Yes, I too wanted a share of that hosepipe :(

Hey hi dee. How are you doing ? Where had you gone leaving poor Adi for 2 days ? :P

And thank you. Everything is fine at my end.

shark said...

A very nice post :)

The pic is awesome.. innocence at it's best :)

Recently even I had been to Delhi... and yes I fell in love with it! If only it had the weather of Bangalore ;-) I would have moved immediately :)

Shruti said...

hmm, Delhi is becoming beautiful day by day..
Hope,some greenery also contibute its making..
Take care

tulipspeaks said...

48 degrees??? whoa! i cant even stand 33 degrees! :|


adi said...

u in delhi? and didn't call me?? mail me from my blog link if u want to...

bachodi said...

Welcome back. What about travel stories ? have you posted it in your other blog ? waiting to read about them.

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog, and feel free to return.