Sunday, June 03, 2007

कहीं नज़र न लग जाये !!

Today I read a post on superstitions on Bellur’s blog.

Hmmm.. Nothing new about it. I know people are superstitious but looks like this mini train doesn’t want to be left behind. :)

Have a close up. I clicked it on my way to Elephanta caves.

Note:- In India people hang lemon & green chillies in their vehicles to drive away the bad omen.

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Alok said...

aapke blog ko bhi nazar na lage
Good Luck :)

Peter said...

Yes, it's a well known fact that lemon & green chillies help a lot! hm... !

Pijush said...

Hei, its not causing any problem to anybody, so why to challange this one?

Mumbai Guy said...

I use this myself in front of my house. More than superstition, I look upon it as something linked to my culture. Nothing wrong with that.

Nabeel said...

what a cool cho cho train :) .. and I think it will take more than just hanging a lemon to get away from bad omen .. one has to offer prayers to God and be pious

starry nights said...

I think its what you believe in.

Aditi said...

i was there a few days ago too and i missed it.. but yeah..train ko bhi toh nazar lag sakti hain?

rk said...

thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. for a second, i really thought you were really superstitous!

ps: you have been blogrolled

regards and take care

Pyare Mohan said...

Imagine if people tied a limboo-mirchi on their little kids neck to wade of 'buri nazar'!!!

Iceman said...

When in school, I once got an idea to wear the nimbu mirchi n go to an exam! Coz I thought it would help me pass! Though I don't try. Anyways... I passed then!

I also remember advising a friend of mine to tie nimbu mirch to his dog, so that no one could steal it! LMAO... A week later, the dog was found in an empty well in the neighborhood! Of course it was alive! I was so sick of the dam thing barking my brains out, I threw it in that empty well! I was only 5 then! I think I'll post it on my blog sometime!

As of now... I think bad omen has to tie nimbu mirch to protect itself from me!

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

is taht a crank shaft in front of the train?
thinking of which - i've never seen a train being started. does it have a crank shaft or do they use keys?
let me google that.

sam said...

superstitions!! have u noticed speeding vehicle screeching to a stop shud a cat happent o cross tehri path. lolzzz..... makes me laugh all the time!!

Bendtherulz said...

Quite funny - loved the title...!

Infact I have some shots of different type of "Warding evil eyes" thingies which Indians use....! From Rakshas face with scorpion tattoed tongue to "Joota/ shoe/chappal hanging....seriously -I crack up....seeing those pics...!!

Personally - I wouldn't mind using these thingies in front of my home...just for the quaint value...!!
Tk care ~

ps - so you were in Elephanta caves...are you posting pics..??( That's on my wish to do list....and list is increasing :-(

Jeseem said...

hey so u too hav a lemon and green chillie tied to ur neck ? u know to drive away bad omen :)
but then how can u drive urself :P

I have seen so many edacated guys doing this neembu chillie business, seems laughable and smtimes pathetic.

adi said...

i would dedicate that nimbu mirchi to the india's women, kash tumhari khushiyon ko kabhi nazar na lage.

Ajith said...

The train looks good. Nimbu mirchi seems to be an odd combination :)

desh said...

i frst thought its the matheran train

neway elephanta caves r boring

Sigma said...

The train sure looks cool! Well, I have seen nimbu-mirchi seen tied to a lot of things including trucks and in front of houses, and brand new chevvies :-)
When fresh, the combo looks quite a beaut!

@PM: Well, people dont tie nimbu-mirchi to kids necks, but they do tie a whole lot of things to necks, wrists, arms, waists ... including coins, and miniature knives!!

Cuckoo said...

Kya baat hai ? Aajkal aapka comment sabse pehle aata hai yahan ? :)

And many thanks. :)

Ha Ha… In what way ? Driving away bad omen ? I am sure you are talking about their help in kitchen driving away the bad flavours. ;)

Cuckoo said...

Huh.. Pijush. Who is challenging it ? I am just showing one of the ways to drive away the omen. :)

I am NOT saying whether it is wrong or right. Just put my views thru.

Cuckoo said...

:) koo chuk chuk train :)
Yes, very true.

Stary Nights,
Welcome after so long. How’re you doing ?
Yes, agree. Belief is it all about.

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. ;)

Welcome here on my blog. Oh Oh.. I shouldn’t have added that last line out there. And thanks for blogrolling me.

Keep visiting.

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha… I think that would be quite nice looking jewelry for me as well ? What say ? Should I try it once ?

Ha Ha… I was just mentioning this to PM. Will definitely try one day… just for the heck of it. ;)

Oh gosh !! You are a born animal lover !!

Waiting for your post on it.

Cuckoo said...

Toothless Wonder,
Welcome again. I wonder toothlessly where do you disappear in between ?

Hmm.. so got your answer ? ;)

Oh yeah, many times. And there are many others like stopping after a sneeze, stepping out with right foot first...

I think a post from me will do justice to it. Let me click some pictures to go with them and I’ll come back with it. :)

Cuckoo said...

Thank you. The title struck to me when I was clicking it. :)

Yeah, me too have some pictures.. but now I think I’ll complete the set & come back with a post on it.
And what do you say about my idea of having this nimbu/mirchi as a piece of jewelry for myself ? I think I’ll look gorgeous. What do you say ? ;)

Elephanta caves ?? Sure sure.. first you come back from St. Gallen please.

Oh me a koo chuk chuk train ? Nice compliment that is. :)

Yes, very true.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome here after a loooong time though Dee keeps coming here. How're you two doing ?

Oh Oh.. Thank you very much Adi. We need such nice wishes all the way. :)

Keep visiting.

Yes, the train was enjoying its ride as well. ;) And nimbu mirchi is good. If got bored for driving away the omen, one can use it in some cuisine as well. ;) What do you say ?

Cuckoo said...

No Matheran train is bigger than this. And look at the surroundings… water is not there in Matheran.

Oh Oh.. But to know that it is boring one should visit it first na ? :)

Cool ?? I thought it was hot !! ;)
Yes, fresh nimbu-mirchi is a beauty... looks & usefulness both... drive away the bad omen and then later use it in the kitchen also. ;)

And I agree with your comments to PM.

Fleiger said...

Trains, buses, trucks... All have them. Even cars and ricks...

GMG said...

The train looks great! Lemons and green peppers most probably won't help, but they will hardly harm...

tulipspeaks said...

ah.. i dont c that in m'sia. but surely here we have our very own 'superstitions'. :) will be checking & posting on it soon!


ashish soni said...

You should also hang one out here...there are many bad omens roaming here and there :P

bachodi said...

E nimbu aapko salamat rakhe ;-)

Pyare Mohan said...

Well, if you insist, try it as earrings...

Bendtherulz said...

ROFL... aapko bhi kehna padega - kahin nazar na lag jayein cuckoo ko LOL....!!

I visited St Gallen II !!

mur said...

Lemon and green chili chips are yum!
Nearly left Australia Cuckoo, 4 days to go. Its a lot of work moving country but it will be worth it in the end.
Hope you are well and hopefully I can start posting a bit more soon.

Ash said...


Keshi said...

hmmm I guess to each his own :) Cute lemons/limes tho hehehe.


Prashanth M said...

lol.. and the title reminded me of a saying - 'boore nazarvaale tera moo kaala'

And recently read another version of the above dailogue on a truck - 'boore nazarvaale tera bhi bhale ho'!! :)

M O H A N said...

Good thing about this superstition is that its harmless and may be helping without your knowledge too...its all in the mind.

Kalyan said...

Well spotted & beautifully captured shots!

The Black King said...

Just read through some of the posts under "My favourites" on your blog --- I like your style of writing and your thoughts.

About this post, well, one can't be too cautious, can he? :)

Anonymous said...

awww thats good idea!
i wanna hang lemon & chili on my neck too :D
i do believe this kind of lucky charm!!
we have a piece of sacred paper to avoice bad luck. however, i threw it away one time when i was really bad luck. (coz i was upset becoz it didnt work).
then worst things happened repeatedly after that lol
wish u a happy weekend cuckoo-chan!!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Cuckoo,

Nice shots. I didn't know you had a narrow-gauge train there.



Princess Banter said...

Haha -- that's almost how I pictured Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express to look like ;)

Abhinav said...

size doesnt matter when it comes to beliefs

Keshi said...

Cuckoo hey u widnt believe it...I've done that Dream tag! :):) Go check it out. THANKS!


desh said...

nothing new cooking up cuckoo???

Jeseem said...

hey they shld hang sm fresh neembu, phir thoda cheene bhe. so nikallo aur neembu pani bana kar pee lo.
hey so do u too hav a lemon, green hanging arnd ur neck. kisi ke nazar lag gaye to !!
and would look real funny on u :P

Rauf said...

Ah ! this is nothing. Have you seen
huge kaddoo with a demon painted on it lashing his tongue out ?, common sight in south india, i saw it on a newly constructed house of a doctor. This kaddoo was hanging right beside his name plate with his degrees running into two lines.

Painted kaddoos are available on the pavements. Now plastic demons are available too.

backpakker said...

i wonder why people do it...there is so reason ...I bought some masks because ilike them and i was told to throw them away as it was not auspicious ...whatever that meant !