Thursday, December 28, 2006

Harvard !! We have a competition here

Dressed in a kurta pyjama, today he was at his usual best. Choosing to call himself as “Guruji”, he stole the limelight from the word go.
Today more than 100 students of Harvard and Barton (Ooops, Wharton) business schools came to meet him in
New Delhi and to study his role as CEO of a successful government organization.

One of the students said “We wanted to meet him to understand how he applied in practice what we learn in management schools. We had heard a lot about him and felt we should try and understand the principles he has been using.”

He explained to the students at length in Hindi how he had broken the western myth that unprofitable enterprise should be privatized and its employees downsized. In the past, he has given management ‘gyan’ to IIM Ahmedabad and Bangalore students and to the chief of General Electric.

He expressed pride at the fact that his department is now in a position to teach something to students of top management schools.
Now, think of the positive side, every year hundreds of students from
India go to these top management schools to learn something what this gentleman is practicing at home. Think of the Forex we can save by opting to study under this most enviable person of this modern India.

So what if he speaks Hindi most of the time and even if he tries to speak English (with due respect), it is beyond most peepul’z undershtanding. Wherri wherri diphicult.

After all, it ijh for us he has kept his plans of becoming prime minister of India pending ?
Yes, I am talking about our Railway minister, Laloo Prasad Yadav.

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Deepak said...

My opinion is that he's taking credit for someone else's ideas. Most probably some good sense prevailed when some of his bureaucrats suggested ideas to turn the company around and he approved those steps.

It's amazing how people seem to take in this crap from someone who ruined an entire state. Dont tell me that he learnt how to run a company properly by destroying a state and its affairs!!

Aditi said...

You know I would love to sit down and figure out what he did with the railways to turn a profit because he hasnt upped the prices enough obviously to make money there.
Even if it was someone else's ideas, I still want to know what those ideas are...and I know it goes beyond the kulhad

sharda said...

At least he is doing some thing good for India and Indians after all.As long as people are getting good returns who cares where he got this idea from or how he is able to do.

Sigma said...

Ha! This time I do not get the (dis)credit of being late ! :-)

Well, I think I agree with Deepak. As far as the Indian ministries go, the real work is done by the advisors, and not the minister. Unfortunately most of our ministers have not been educated enough, and definitely not in the portfolios they get assigned. I fail to understand how a person who is the minister of one office one day, can be expected to be a deft hand at handling an entirely different one, the next day.
So, the advisors do the work. If the results are good, the credit is stolen by the minister; if the outcome is bad, the buck is passed on.
This is what has happened here, I believe. A person who has only managed to turn the things from bad to worse in a state in 20 years, cannot be expected to turn the fortune of an enterprise in two.

Ketan said...

fully agree with Deepak. If he was such a capable then why did he dont do anything for Bihar during his 10 yr rule. Its a pity for the country that such a crap becomes star. Railways runs because of smart technocrats and not illiterate politicians.
God forbid, If some day he becomes PM, it would be the worst day for the country, and to the people like *you* who hail such crap, I would say "dikhavo pe mat jao apni akal lagao".
Sharda, just wait until someone unearths a mother-of-all-scams in railways.

This man irritates me big time. just cant stop hating him.

Pyare Mohan said...

Well i have a very different opinion here. Internationally and nationally most of the work are always done by the advisors. A leader is as good as his team.

Yes, it is a different thing that he doesnt give the credit to the person who devised the idea, but who does other than our President Kalam? - But how do we know that it is not his idea? Just because he has screwed up an entire state in such a way that a call to Hell is charged as a Local call? Well, idiots can have one brilliant idea. Sabeer Bhatia had one brilliant idea. He made money. What happened about his later ventures?

Well, the secret of success of Railway is very simple. Initially when tickets were booked, most of the tickets usually were booked for the sleeper class. Many of the A.C. compartments were relatively empty. Hence there were empty seats in the A.C. class, while there were huge waiting list in the Sleeper class. What Lalu's team did is that on the night before the travel, using a lucky pick method, he upgraded many of the sleeper class people into the A.C. class and that gave more room for people in the waiting list. The A.C. was anyways being used, no matter whether it was for 5 people or 70 people.

About him becoming the Prime Minister, it is upto us, if we want to make him the Prime Minister! We vote for him he will become the Prime Minister.

After all, the Government represents the people. If 90% of the people in India are corrupt, 90% of the politicians are corrupt. It is directly proportional and a very simple logic. Why are we making a hue and cry of the fact!

Pyare Mohan said...

In a corporate environment, doesnt the credit for good work usually taken up by the seniors?

Sunil Parmar said...

You are right!!! :)

If Yehi Haal Raha..then bhan day he bill be tha Prime Ministir of Indhia..[:)]

Alok said...

personally, i can never like him and so not realllly sure if i can comment here,
but yes, the buggger is sharp, sharp.
else u cannnot rule a state for 15 long yrs.

adi said...

o common cuckoo
u neednt waste precious space for a person like him

if he were such a efficient administrator bihar wouldnt have been through dark ages for 15 long years

that man is a joke
and not a harmless one

i dont think we shud only pity those poor students for the dose of tomfoolery they might have got

Alok said...

if he were such a efficient administrator bihar wouldnt have been through dark ages for 15 long years

pls do note this.
one hundred percent to the point,

only thing is words like dark, hell arent dark enough.

Cuckoo said...

Hi All,

Thanks for your valuable opinions. Instead of replying to you individually, I have written a new post with my views !

Wish you all a Happy New Year.