Friday, July 14, 2006

To My Inspiration

Never in my life had I imagined that one day I’d write on the web. I used to write (scribble something to talk to myself) in a diary once upon a time, but this way? No, never. Thanks to a person who made the difference and today I am dedicating this blog One From the Cuckoo's Nest to that person… a dear friend who has inspired me a lot in so many ways.

We have lots and lots in common… the type of books we read, the kind of music we listen to, our favourite vacation place, our thinking wavelength… the list goes on.

We had our share of fun, understandings, misunderstandings, fights, secrets, confessions….
We share them all…sports, jokes, problems, thoughts… and I treasure them all.

Thank you my cracked friend, thanks for everything.

Current song- Tu Kahin Bhi Rahe Sir Per Tere Ilzaam to Hai – Ghulam Ali


Anonymous said...

Well now you're writing and suddenly famous. People from all parts of the world are flocking to read your blog. Well, maybe not from every part, but you have started. Good luck from the U.S.

Cuckoo said...

Thanks Anonymous for dropping by and encouraging me.
Btw, I visited your site and must say it's a wonderful way of promoting English language. Wanted to write something there but only team members can give comments and YOU are the only team member !!!
Thanks again and keep dropping by ;)

Mayank said...

I wish I was your friend.

Sunita said...

Your friend has made big impact in your life. :) I wish to have such friend.

Alok said...

Tu Kahin Bhi Rahe, Sir par Tere Ilzaam To Hai

Ilzaam to hai, kahin bhi rahe...:)

kamal said...

picking up the same thread, if I am to thank someone for making me realise that blogging is fun, it wud be Sid.

Well I didn't blog until after I saw a couple of his blogs, one of which was our thrilling trekking experience. Since then I jumped on this bandwagon and have been blogging despite poor(ok...that's euphemism for nil) turnout on my site :):):)

Cuckoo said...

Yes, I am very proud of my friend. :)

:) Ilzaam to hai, kahin bhi rahe... Ha Ha Liked your sense of humour. ;) Keep it up !

You are lucky to have SiD as your friend.

Well, my case was different. Neither anyone told me to start writing nor was I reading blogs but somehow I got hooked to it. Reason is mentioned in the post. :)

Well, as far as turnout is concerned, I am lucky here. Have already crossed 3000 plus in five months time.

bEAST said...

hahaha, finally i get to comment on the very very first by cuckoo ever. must be something unique for u , to c a realize as to from where you have ended up where. lolz
where to where? haha

Cuckoo said...

Oh yeah, from where to where...