Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Life After

There was blockage of several sites including our favourite Blogspot for nearly 8 days under so-called directive of Ministry of Communication or IT ministry or whatever. Every single person who was involved with blog world in any way was annoyed, angered & saddened. It looked like we were living in countries like Iran, China etc. It was a blow to our freedom of speech & expression in a free, democratic country like India. What was that, Internet censorship or censorship on freedom of expression? We still don’t know.

But then it was somewhat needed in the wake of blasts. The GOI wanted to curtail the culprits. I agree with them but they should have used other more specific, simpler methods instead of harassing (bugging) the blogging public this way.

And poor little me?? Well, I had just thought of talking aloud, had posted my first ever post on web and to my utter surprise I couldn’t even see how my blog looked like!!! My first impression was that I had not posted it correctly cursing myself on being so dumb; the second was that the site is under maintenance. This was a little bit relaxing compared to the first one. ;) Immediately after posting my first post, I received a comment from a certain anonymous (Godsend?) whose comments are the sole ones till date. Long Live Anonymous for encouraging me!!

Next day I posted one more, still could not see anything. How could the site be under maintenance for more than 24 hours, that too without any news from their side? My posts were getting successfully published! But what was the use if I was not able to see them let alone the world! I was getting a little frantic. Went to Blogger’s Help, came to know there were hundreds like me. I was relaxed. :) I was not alone. Just for the heck of it, I posted a one-liner on the third day again. One person from the blogger’s help group said he could see my blog sitting in Delhi. I envied him.

I decided not to post anything till the issue gets resolved.

And today I have started posting again.

Current song- Asava Sundar Chockletcha Bungla – Cute little angels

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