Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hello everyone,

I have stopped blogging on this blog since quite some time. I now blog at http://cuckooscosmos.com/Musings

But I can see many of you have not yet changed to new URL address and waiting to read my creations here.

My request to you all who have blogrolled or linked me, is that kindly update your blogrolls, feeds on your readers, change the favourites on your browsers and so on.

This blog's new address is http://cuckooscosmos.com/Musings

Hope to see you all there. Bring in your family and friends along.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Have Moved !

I have moved .. .. moved to a new place.

New address, new surroundings, new responsibilities.. everything new. It is a new feeling altogether.
The new place has brought along some excitements, nervousness, surprises and some sad feelings as well. Many of the things I used to do earlier are being missed and I keep running to my old familiar nest.. .. just to be there for some more time but then I had to move. Time had come to go to my own place, a place which is mine in true sense. Needless to say it comes with a price one has to pay.

Ok, long story cut short.. those who have blogrolled or linked me, kindly change the address (URL) of my new place. Change the RSS feeds on your readers, change the favourites on your browsers and so on.

My new address is http://cuckooscosmos.com

Hope to see you all there. Bring in your family and friends along.
So, over to my new place.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Republic Day

Today morning, fortunately there was an agreement to flip TV channels only between two .. the ongoing India-Aus cricket match and the direct telecast of Republic Day celebrations and we enjoyed both. Today again it was a day to be nostalgic.
I don’t know about other Indians but having spent most of my life in Delhi, I have been witness to Republic Day parades and Independence Day speeches since my childhood. Live and telecast both. And they always hold a very special place in my life for many reasons.

The Rajpath, India Gate, Vijay Chowk, the parades, the jhaanki, the chilly foggy weather, unfurling of national flag, singing of national anthem and the fly past.. they all look part of my life, a part of my very own place. Today also I felt the same emotions and sense of pride running through my veins which I used to feel when I was a little girl and today again I wanted to be in Delhi !!

Won’t write much here. If anybody wants to know how I feel about these days, it’s here, a very nostalgic post written by me.

Current song- Aa chal Ke Tujhe Main Leke Chalu Ek Aise Gagan ke Tale – Kishore Kumar

Monday, January 21, 2008

Kindly bear

There is a heap of messages & mails
and I am moving at a pace of a snail.

Many thanks for all your concern & wishes,
me in the middle of migrating process.

To you all I am yet to respond
but that will not weaken our bond.

You, my beloved readers
Keep looking at your feeders.

There is lots & lots to share
will come back soon, please bear.

Thank you.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Liar !!

LIAR. The word has been haunting me since I received that sms of yours. I am utterly shaken.. beyond words.
Must have read it zillion times. Every single word is etched in my heart. You called me; we were extremely happy speaking to each other after many days and suddenly within a few hours you labeled me a liar.

WHY ??

I am at a loss.
You owe me an explanation. Are you listening ? You just can’t get away like this. I don’t want to call you a coward because you are not. I know you are equally pained by this act. Why ?

I always try to give my 200% to any bond, any relation and still leave some space for forgiveness but not here. You were too close for any space between us.

My cell has some of your messages including the first one sent from VT station and it will have this one too.. ... to constantly remind me in case I tend to forget.

And I will not try to get over it. From my side nothing has changed, you’ll remain the same person; will have the same place as before.

But no, you don’t deserve me or my friendship.
My dear, you have lost me.. possibly forever…

And in times like this I always try to pep myself up by the lines once told to me

“Fortunate are the ones who are your friends”.

God Bless you. Be happy and be yourself, always. Enjoy your secured world of self-beliefs. I am with you, as always.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wish Me !!

Is this the new year wish I wanted from you ?? Tell me, don’t I deserve anything better ?? Oh, why I keep expecting something propitious when I know nothing, absolutely nothing can change your sick mind.

Oh, what a way to start the New Year ! Look, what I have received as a new year gift from you. A tattered and terrified me, a naked me in front of the whole world.

In my entire life I never felt this frightened, disturbed, raped and lonely... not even at a time when I lost my dear someone. But today, I lost everything.. my faith, my trust, my openhearted laugh, my honour and above all, myself, which I so wrongly thought are safe. Today I hang my head in shame. You proved me wrong. At least today it looks like so.

Try as hard as you can. You can’t kill me with your demeanors. From that loss of mine in the past, I had emerged and I’ll emerge again. I know it won’t be easy but I promise you that.

I also wish you a very happy time ahead.

Come on !! Have guts and wish me NOW !! Will you ??

Current song- Ek Din Aasman Se Pari Aayegi – Kumar Ganjawala
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Monday, December 17, 2007


After a sumptuous Sunday late lunch, you come out of Grand Hyatt, a 5-star hotel and make yourself comfortable in the back seat of a big luxurious car and the car races towards some prestigious shopping places in the city. The other occupants of the car are determined to spoil you purely.

Oblivious of their plans, you are thinking of the Monday evening meeting. Suddenly you look something & ask for the car to be stopped. You step out and dash towards a person busy in his work. You tell him “four” and with a wide grin gesture the other three occupants of the car to join you.

They, with “Oh, she is never going to change” expressions come out smiling.

Sometimes a cutting chai in an open dhaba amidst chaotic noise gives you more pleasure than the diamond studs gifted to you half an hour back within the confines of a hushed silence.

Current song- Love Me Do, You Know I Love You – Beatles
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